broadcastGEMs - Adaptive Text Tool (4K + HD 1080 & Social Media Frame Sizes)

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If you're a Creative Editor working with Adobe Premiere Pro then you should seriously take a look at this new Text Animation Tool. This is an Adobe After Effects MoGRT that is designed as a Text Animation plugin.

February 8 - 11 New Set Ups for the Stacked Text - Fixed Width AeMoGRT -

January 31 - Six new Adaptive & Responsive Text Tools - ideal for Social Media Text Animations
These will be available for download on Feb 1.

January 15 - Two new Adaptive Tools - Animated Shape & Animated Line Tools

The Adaptive Text Tool allows you to work in one Frame Size and then switch to another Frame Size while retaining all Texts, Layouts and Animations.

70 Adjustable Properties give you tons of options to create your own OR use one of the 65 Pre-built (Set Ups) Text Animations to get productive quickly.

All Adjustments are done Automatically once you set the Adaptive Text Tool's Frame Size property to a new Sequence/Timeline Frame Size. This is a great time-saver if you output videos to different Frame Sizes. It works seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro's Auto Reframe Feature.

The Adaptive Text Tool allows you to create delightful Text Animations in Adobe Premiere Pro without going to Adobe After Effects or hiring a professional.

The Adaptive Text Tool allows you to create the "Bread & Butter" Text Animations that forms the backbone of Text Animations for Corporate and Social Media Videos. You can now speed up your Post-production Workflows and cut costs at the same time.

You also get 35x Text Pre-built Animation Setups to help get productive quickly. Then use these as starting points to create more of your own. Then, with the 55 Adjustable Properties, you'll be creating tons more; using these as a starting point.

This Paid Version natively supports Adaptive Features for the following Frame Sizes -

1080 x 1080
1080 x 1350
1350 x 1080
1080 x 1920
1280 x 720
1920 x 1920

If you work in a Sequence with another Frame Size, you will have to manually change size-related settings. If the Frame Size is not too different, this is an easy process. If your Sequence has a Frame Size that is much larger or uses an aspect ratio that is vastly different to the supported Frame Sizes, parts of your text may be cut off. This should be expected behavior.

If you work at the supported Frame Sizes, you can seamlessly change Frame Sizes using the Frame Size Drop Menu in the Essential Graphics Panel.

The Trial Version can be found here -

Lots of Youtube Tutorials.

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Last updated Dec 21, 2023

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broadcastGEMs - Adaptive Text Tool (4K + HD 1080 & Social Media Frame Sizes)

2 ratings
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