Responsive Design MoGraph (MoGRT) - Free Sample

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Responsive Design MoGraph (MoGRT) - Free Sample

Roland Kahlenberg
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This Responsive Motion Graphics Template is provided free of charge to introduce you to the world of Responsive Design Motion Graphics. Watch the promo video here - https://business.facebook.com/broadcastGEMs/videos/1042386892812680/

Responsive Design MoGraph makes visual branding for your videos a breeze. Speed up your Motion Graphics workflow with intelligent, content-aware, auto-resizing, auto-reposition, scalable, robust and reusable templates; 24/7, anywhere in the world, in most languages. See how one single Responsive Design MoGraph Template can be used in a multitude of ways. An entire Brand Toolkit can be built to speed up and even automate on-brand Motion Graphics workflows.

It is through Responsive Design Motion Graphics Solutions that viable Brand Identity Designs/Systems/Guidelines are developed.

Features that can be added to more advanced Responsive Design Motion Graphics
- select paragraph alignment

- mix and match fonts/typefaces

- select visuals

- built-in, on-brand text animation presets

- non-rectangular shapes

- gradients

- transitions

- variable screen aspect ratio

- pre-defined text blocks

- word highlight

- automatic text wrap

- user-timed animation

- multi-line, right-to-left language text presets

- scalable output via JSON, CSV and TSV datasets

A study by Pfeiffer Report on the use of generic Motion Graphics templates showed a 350% increase in productivity. You should expect higher productivity gains with Responsive Design Motion Graphics Solutions.


Vice Media on how MoGRTs speed up their workflows

Take a look around our Gumroad Store for other free Responsive Design MoGRTs.

This Responsive Design Motion Graphics file requires Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 or newer.

Responsive Design MoGraph Promo -


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