Responsive Design MoGraph (MoGRT) - Free Sample

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Responsive Design MoGraph (MoGRT) - Free Sample

Roland Kahlenberg
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This Responsive Motion Graphics Template is provided free of charge to introduce you to the world of Responsive Design Motion Graphics. Watch the promo video here - https://business.facebook.com/broadcastGEMs/videos/1042386892812680/

Responsive Design MoGraph makes visual branding for your videos a breeze. Speed up your Motion Graphics workflow with intelligent, content-aware, auto-resizing, auto-reposition, scalable, robust and reusable templates; 24/7, anywhere in the world, in most languages. See how one single Responsive Design MoGraph Template can be used in a multitude of ways. An entire Brand Toolkit can be built to speed up and even automate on-brand Motion Graphics workflows.

It is through Responsive Design Motion Graphics Solutions that viable Brand Identity Designs/Systems/Guidelines are developed.

Features that can be added to more advanced Responsive Design Motion Graphics

- select paragraph alignment

- mix and match fonts/typefaces

- select visuals

- built-in, on-brand text animation presets

- non-rectangular shapes

- gradients

- transitions

- variable screen aspect ratio

- pre-defined text blocks

- word highlight

- automatic text wrap

- user-timed animation

- multi-line, right-to-left language text presets

- scalable output via JSON, CSV and TSV datasets

A study by Pfeiffer Report on the use of generic Motion Graphics templates showed a 350% increase in productivity. You should expect higher productivity gains with Responsive Design Motion Graphics Solutions.


Vice Media on how MoGRTs speed up their workflows

This Responsive Design Motion Graphics file requires Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 or newer.

Responsive Design MoGraph Promo -


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