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TransitionPLUS - for Adobe After Effects CC 2018 or newer

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50 AWESOME! AE Transition Templates

TransitionPLUS (Wipes) is an innovative and captivating Adobe After Effects transitions template. TransitionPLUS are cool transitions with the PLUS defining the use of Text and/or Graphics with these transitions.

Easily customize colors, opacity, add your own text and easily Parent graphics to these transitions. Then, have access to the original keyframes if you're feeling more adventurous.

This is an extremely useful and easy-to-use template. You can expect a well-documented product and after-sales-support with your purchase. No plugins required and renders really, really fast.

TransitionPLUS includes 50 Transition Templates and requires AE CC 2018 or newer. These transitions were created with Shape Layers which allows for resizing options.

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Music (not included in the template) - in order of appearance

Karaoke Mouse (Alternate Take) by DJ Sides

Strange Zero by Different_Feelings

Footage (not included in the template)

Riccovero Paris Autum-Winter - Morten Qvale

Back to Business - Synsam Commercial - Morten Qvale

Synsam Sunglasses commercial 2010 long version - Morten Qvale

Kristian Aadnevik for Riccovero - Morten Qvale

Commersial for Synsam, with Aqua singer Lene Nystrøm - Morten Qvale

Alexandra Joner Instagram film - Morten Qvale

Synsam Commercial Sicily Film 2

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TransitionPLUS - for Adobe After Effects CC 2018 or newer

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